Medical Devices

Surgical devices designed for the treatment of pain.

iovera by Myoscience

Iovera is a completely new way of thinking about cryotherapy.  This handheld device is a miniaturization of traditional cryotherapy, that allows a physician to target peripheral nerves with a precise, minimally invasive treatment.  Iovera procedures can be preformed in any clinical setting, it does not require the use of fluoro or image guidance, and has established reimbursement with Medicare and commercial payers.

By using pressurized nitrous oxide, iovera is able to create a very focused cold zone which creates a reversible nerve block without damaging any of the surrounding tissue.  The procedure only takes a few minutes, and patients find the treatment very tolerable.

BenVenue Kyphoplasty

Blazer-C is a vertebral augmentation system that utilizes a unique cannulated curved wire which allows the physician to create channels within the vertebral body to get complete cement coverage while utilizing a unipedicular approach.


Kiva VCF Treatment System provides a new implant-based approach to vertebral augmentation in the treatment of painful vertebral compression fractures.  The system allows the physician to leave a PEEK implant inside the vertebral body to provide structural support and contain the bone cement during the procedure.


Elliquence Disc-FX System

The Disc-FX system allows a physician to safely and effectively treat contained lumbar spine herniations.  This innovative and patented design combines percutaneous discectomy and intradiscal RF ablation in one procedure.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this procedure is it received an AMA code in early 2017 and it is now covered by Medicare.

Through one 3mm introducer, a surgeon or an interventionalist is able to:

  1. Decompress the disc by manually removing bulging nucleus material
  2. Ablate the nucleus with RF energy to further break down the nucleus
  3. Ablate the posterior wall of the annulus to block pain receptors and seal in fissure