Axia Pharmaceuticals

Axia Pharmaceuticals is one of only a handful of 503B outsourcing facilities in the US that specializes in high quality injectable medications. After the meningitis outbreak several years ago with New England Compounding, the government mandated pharmacies can only produce injectable medicines if they are 503B registered and inspected by the FDA. After years of facility upgrades and inspections, Axia can now offer customers high quality, FDA regulated products at compounding pharmacy prices.


Pinnacle Specialty Pharmacy

Unfortunately, the majority of the compounding industry took advantage of the popularity of topical pain creams over the past few years, which has caused insurance carriers to stop covering these prescriptions leaving patients without access to useful medications. Pinnacle Compounding is a pharmacy that understands the value in this therapy and offers patients a very affordable cash pay model without ever billing insurance.

Pinnacle is also a specialty pharmacy that is licensed in 42 states.  They currently focus on helping patients with medications for:

  • Ophthalmology
  • Pain Management
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Regenerative Medicine and Aesthetic Procedures
  • Dentistry

LidoPro and Terocin Patch

Marlin Medical offers a point of care dispensary option to healthcare providers who want to take care of their workers comp patients, without the patient ever having to go to the pharmacy. Marlin Medical will set up the physicians practice with a free web based dispensing program that allows the physician to dispense the medication from their office, and the patient information is sent to the billing company to be processed.

The physician’s office does have to purchase the product, but they are able to bill workers comp for this service. Marlin Medical teams up with a billing solutions company with over 25 years of experience in billing workers comp programs. This service proves to be an effective way to help manage a patients pain through a profitable ancillary program.