Ancillary Services

Keeing private practitioners in private practice.


VSAT, or Vital Systems Assessment Test, is a comprehensive series of tests that allows a physician to properly test the functionality of a patient’s autonomic nervous system, These tests are all conducted using one piece of equipment, which then uses a sophisticated software to pull all the information together in an easy to understand report.

The results from the test provide a window into a patient’s overall health and can be used as a baseline to compare changes potentially caused by medication management. This report can also help a physician determine the cause of certain types of pain, diagnose discreet illnesses, or even quantify the level of pain a patient is experiencing.




This is a turnkey solution where we provide the equipment and a tech to run the tests.  We also show the practitioners how to read the reports and the staff how to bill appropriately.  All of this comes without any out of pocket expenses to the clinic.


NSS NeuroStim Electro Auricular Device

The Electro Auricular Device is a nerve field stimulator that, when properly applied, will provide pain relief for peripheral nerves. Not to be confused with P-Stim, this device actually neuromodulates the peripheral and cranial nerves at 1-10Hz in order to mechanically enhance an endorphin release and achieve pain relief. This is a great non-narcotic alternative for patients with peripheral nerve pain due to inflammation or ischemia.

As of right now, this modality is covered for Tricare, VA and Worker’s Comp patients that are suffering from chronic pain. With new positive studies coming out all the time, we hope to gain better coverage decisions with private and government payors within the next 1-2 years.


Confirmation Lab Installation

Marlin Medical has worked with several laboratory consulting companies to offer a turnkey solution to higher volume practices looking to install their own mass spectrometers in their clinic.  This allows for a clinic to gather quantitative, definitive results at the point of care for their urine drug screens.

This program can add immense clinical and monetary value for clinics that are doing more than 200 drug screens per month.


Below is a list of services and supplies provided by our team of experienced professionals:

  • CLIA/COLA accreditation and all audits thereafter
  • Lab directorship, General Supervisor, Technical Consultant and all mandated lab roles
  • Provide all procedures and documentation of the laboratory
  • Method development and testing
  • Sample containers, reagents, columns and standards (internal and external)
  • Calibration materials and quality controls
  • Interpret mass spectrum data daily and produce reports before noon the following day
  • Billing and coding education/consultation with billing team


Lab services that add more than just clinical value.


Toxicology has become a large part of many practices that prescribe scheduled narcotics.  Marlin Medical Solutions offers services from several different reference labs that utilize novel business models to help the practitioner add a revenue stream to their practice.  These labs offer comprehensive toxicology services, while keeping patient costs down and testing for only what is medically necessary.

Some of these turn-key services include:
  • Comprehensive toxicology testing
  • CLIA/COLA accreditations
  • Immuno assay tabletop analyzers
  • LC/MS (instruments, validation, reagents and billing)

Hormone Therapy Testing

According to the JOAA, opioid-induced endocrinopathy should be considered in any patient receiving daily opioid treatment in an amount equivalent to 100 mg of morphine or more.

The fact of the matter is, patients on chronicopiates often suffer from lower hormone levels and some type of endocrinopathy. At Marlin Medical, we help physicians with diagnostic options to test for these hormone levels, as well as educate physicians on potentially appropriate therapies.


Genetic Testing

In many cases, patient care can be improved by genetic testing in order to determine a patient’s ability to metabolize certain drugs and using this information to guide medication management. This can lead to increased efficacy in proper drug selection, dose optimization and a minimization of adverse drug reactions.

Marlin Medical works with several different reference labs strategically in different areas of the country. This allows us to keep up with an ever evolving reimbursement climate, as it relates to pharmacogenetics.